Candace's books

Dracula: The Undead
5 of 5 stars
Fabulous book! From the great nephew of Bram comes the continuation of Dracula's tale. I read it start to finish in a day. Could not put it down...keeps the ethereal feel of the original novel and adds a few new characters....loved it!
The Blood Countess
5 of 5 stars
I read this book years ago and it is still part of my collection. I love the historical attributes of this book, and how it translates into modern times. A unique blend of horror and historical figures
5 of 5 stars
All of Fred Saberhagen's books are great but of all my favorites, Thorn and Empire of the East are by far my favorite. I was lucky enough to find a used copy on amazon....sadly he passed away in 2008. The world suffered a great literary ...
Animal Speak Workbook
4 of 5 stars
Great book if you are looking for a comprehensive guide to the mythology surrounding everyday animal and the meanings behind them...very interesting

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